Your Student Box is a Weekly Food Subscription Box for University Students.

We deliver a large box of grocery essentials to any house or halls of residence every week on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evening, depending on which city you live in.

Our service is designed with students in mind so not only do we pack each box with fresh produce sourced from the local market it also comes with milk, cheese, bread, as well as tinned and packet goods like rice and pasta, beans and tinned tomatoes.

Delivery on subscriptions is completely free. Delivery on one off items is £1.99.

Subscriptions can be paused during holidays and you can either order your own or parents can get a subscription for you.

Each box comes with a QR code on the label to view a weekly nutritious and easy to make recipe, filmed by Ministry of Food in Leeds Market, each recipe can be made using the ingredients in your box.

Find us on Facebook and Twitter for recipes and to see what others are doing with their boxes!

Ready to get started? Choose Your Box.