Getting food from the market may be cheaper than going to supermarkets... but who has time to do that right?student_hero

Your Student Box is filled with everything you need for a week’s worth of cooking, lunches and yep, even a hangover!
Each box contains fruit, veg and a bunch of essentials like milk, bread, eggs and cheese - there’s even some bits for your cupboard like beans, chopped tomatoes, rice and pasta.
stir fryThen we pop round to your place or your halls and drop it off. Simple.
You can arrange your own subscription or ask you parents to sign up for you. Delivery is completely free and we deliver on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday evening after Uni.
Not sure what to cook? Every week we’ll post up a new, easy to make recipe for you to try out. You can access it by visiting our website or scanning the QR code on your box.